4 Things to Keep in Mind About Fantasy Football

Fantasy football is one of the most popular games in America. Each year, millions of people put together a roster and score points based on the statistical output of their players. While fantasy football can be fun to play, there is a lot to know if you want to be good at it.

Always Be on the Lookout for Sleepers

A sleeper is a player who has the potential to be productive at some point during the season. Generally, this type of player is a rookie who is expected to be a big part of a team’s offense or is a backup who could thrive if given a defined role on his team.

Finding players who haven’t realized their full potential before anyone else does is important because everyone is going to know about and pay dearly for Le’Veon Bell or DeAndre Hopkins. By finding players before others know to look for them, you can build a roster that is competitive throughout the season.

Shape Your Roster Based on the League’s Scoring System

It is critical that you value players based on the number of points that they can score in your league. For instance, if your league doesn’t use the points per reception (PPR) format, there isn’t much of a point to drafting someone just because they get a lot of catches. Instead, you want to focus more on players who gain yards or score touchdowns.

Defensive Players Tend To Be Interchangeable

If your league uses an individual defensive player (IDP) format, you may be tempted to reach for C.J. Mosely or Myles Garrett because they have flashy stat lines. However, the truth is that most starting caliber defensive players score roughly the same number of points no matter where they play.

Fantasy Football Is About Both Skill and Luck

Each week, there are players in the NFL who come out of nowhere to score two touchdowns or get three sacks in a game. While you shouldn’t expect a miracle to happen every week, it isn’t uncommon for unknown players to be the difference between wins and losses throughout the season.

Whether you play for fun or for money, fantasy football can be a great tool to learn more about the game and have fun with friends. Leagues generally draft right up until the first game of the regular season, and it may be possible to find public leagues online.